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Problem-solution: quarrel with the groom

Problem-solution: quarrel with the groom 

Problem-solution: quarrel with the groom

Problem-solution: quarrel with the groom – why we are talking it about? For a couple and feelings, organizing a wedding can be a real test of strength. How to keep peace in a relationship during the preparation process – we understand this article. 
I want to reassure you, disputes during the wedding preparation are normal. Almost all couples go through this because this is a new stage in your relationship when you have to solve difficult financial issues, find a common language with each other’s relatives, and learn to find compromises. 

For many couples, this becomes a difficult test, but after passing it, you will feel that you have become much closer and have begun to appreciate each other even more. Perhaps the most important thing for you now is not to panic. Because of it, you exaggerate the significance of many issues and simply break down on a loved one because of nonsense. To minimize conflicts, follow my tips: 


Problem-solution: quarrel with the groomQuite often, conflicts during preparation appear as if “out of the blue”. You are offended that the groom is not interested in choosing a color palette or font for invitations, and you begin to think that he is not at all interested in the upcoming wedding, and all this is necessary only for you. Is that familiar? 

In this case, you just need to allocate responsibilities from the very beginning of the preparation so that the groom also understands that he has a certain share of responsibility for the organization, but at the same time not burden him with women’s issues that may simply be uninteresting and incomprehensible to him – floristry, hairstyles images of bridesmaids. 

Discuss together what preparation issues each of you wants to deal with: for example, it may be interesting for the groom to solve the issue with the menu and alcohol, find the perfect car for a honeymoon, or even organize a honeymoon. And do not demand more from each other. 

And it is better to delegate difficult questions to the organizer so that there are fewer reasons for conflicts.


Often a wedding is your first major joint investment. And correctly allocating a significant amount is not easy. For example, the bride believes that the main thing at the wedding is her dress and photographer, and for the groom, it is important to invite your favorite musicians to a banquet. 

In this case, both of you should prioritize – you can make a list of the main expenses together and arrange them in order of importance, or you can make such lists separately, and then pay special attention to what each of you put on the first line + those items that you intersect. 


To find compromises can be quite difficult, but it must be done, because the wedding is your common holiday, and, therefore, the interests of each of you should be equally taken into account. Marriage will require a ton of compromises: from choosing the color of the curtains to deciding to buy an apartment, and preparing for the wedding teaches you to listen to the opinion of your other half and give in to each other.


Trust is an important and valuable aspect of a relationship, and you should never lose it during preparation. Consult each other, ask the groom’s opinion on key issues, and if you wish, and on the little things, thereby showing that his opinion plays a key role for you. 

And do not try to control everything that your soulmate does – learn to trust each other, this will allow you to perform important tasks twice as fast. For example, while the future husband will be at a meeting with suppliers, you can safely choose flowers for your bouquet.


Do not forget about simple human respect and a sense of tact. Perhaps many conflicts in communication can be avoided by simply ceasing to blame each other and abandoning the following phrases: 

  1.  “I don’t care how you explain to your parents that we don’t invite their distant relatives.” Better: “I don’t know how to talk to them, let’s think about it together.” 
  2. “I do not understand these issues (choice of music, alcohol, presenter), do with them what you want.” Even if you really do not understand something and cannot help with advice, you can at least show interest and listen to your soulmate.
  3. “My mother says we have to do things differently.” First of all, you need to do everything the way you two want it.
  4. “Maybe it’s worth selling a car or taking a loan to pay for the wedding?” If the wedding requires such enormous expenses that you simply cannot afford it, it’s time to reconsider your views, opportunities, format, guest list – all in order not to fit into debts. This is not a good start to family life.
  5. “You are to blame.” It is better to concentrate not on the charges, but on how to solve the difficulties that have arisen.
  6. “This is my wedding, I want it so much!” 

Problem-solution: quarrel with the groomThe most important thing to remember when preparing: the wedding will take place in an instant, but your relationship needs to be maintained and maintained all your life. Try to discuss all the details, support each other and help. 

And remember that the wedding is not the most important thing in life, it is much more important to live in peace and harmony with your loved one, so sometimes just let yourself be distracted from preparation and spend time together. Do not forget to please each other, arrange surprises and often say “I love you.”

Take care of your feelings, they are much more valuable than any wedding celebration!

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