How to dress for a photoshoot?

How to dress for a photoshoot? I hear this question from my new clients almost every time before their first family photoshoot. My regular customers know some simple rules about how to choose clothes for a perfect photoshoot, so the question of how to dress for a photoshoot is no longer before them.

It is necessary to approach the selection of clothes for shooting seriously and in advance so that you can pick up several outfits and, if necessary, be able to buy something else. If you are in doubt about the choice, consult a photographer. Send him photos of the clothes you have chosen. Believe me, any photographer is interested in that you dressed correctly and beautifully for a photoshoot.

So, first, let’s talk about the color scheme or the right combination of colors in clothes so that it looks beautiful and stylish in your family album.

The color scheme of clothes depends on the shooting style, location, and interior. It is not necessary that all members of the family wear the same color. You can add color accents or details that will resonate in clothes, and which will harmoniously look on the general plan.

  1. How to dress for a photoshoot. What color scheme to choose for photosession

how to dress for a photoshootIf you want to hang photos of the house, pay attention to what color scheme the room is made of. Someone will not attach any importance to this, but for someone, it is fundamentally important that everything matches in style and color.

If your photoshoot will take place outdoors, then choose clothes based on this, because each season has its own color combination. Think in advance exactly where your shooting will take place: on the beach, in the forest or in a stylish interior. Talk to the photographer, find out in advance which locations he chose for the photoshoot. If it is an autumn forest, the bright saturated colors are unlikely to be appropriate, although it all depends on the photographer.

  1. How to dress for a photoshoot. Add a “pattern”

how to dress for a photoshootDo not be afraid to add a “pattern”, for example, to the image of your kids. It can be floral dresses, skirts or plaid shirts. Your photos will sparkle differently. However, for adults, do not choose T-shirts with inscriptions. Such photos will look “cheap.” For children, I would also recommend not choosing clothes with inscriptions. Such clothes are great for regular photos, but they will ruin the photoshoot.

  1. How to dress for a photoshoot. Choose 3 colors

how to dress for a photoshootTry to choose 3 primary colors, and then choose the right clothes for the shades. If in doubt whether your chosen colors are compatible with each other, consult a photographer or carefully study the color schemes presented. The combination of colors among themselves can sometimes play a key role in the final result. Wear a red T-shirt with green trousers and photos will be spoiled, even if the photographer is super professional.

  1. How to dress for a photoshoot. Accessories and “layers”

how to dress for a photoshootJewelry, scarves, tights, hats, ties – accessories modify the image, give texture and a complete general look. “Layers” in clothes are a thrown jacket or cardigan, an open shirt, a vest. All these tricks make your image more interesting, more intense.

  1. How to dress for a photoshoot. What clothes to choose for a photoshoot

how to dress for a photoshootAs a rule, mom collects everyone for a family photoshoot. Mom picks up clothes for everyone and tries not to forget anything. But the main rule of a successful photoshoot is that they should like the clothes of our heroes. It is then that they will feel comfortable and be more confident in front of the camera.

  1. How to dress for a photoshoot. Harmony in the frame

how to dress for a photoshootIt’s okay if the main color of clothes is not present for all participants in the shooting, the task of the photographer is to harmoniously distribute everyone in the frame. But this does not mean that all family members can come whoever wants what, and the photographer will wave the camera and everything will turn out beautifully. No! If you have chosen the main color for a family photoshoot, and your family is large, not everyone has this color in the wardrobe, you can always pick up something neutral from clothes and a small accessory of the main color of the photoshoot.

  1. How to dress for a photoshoot. Prepare outfits in advance

how to dress for a photoshootIf you have thought through all the images, make a visual picture. Even if you are confident in your thoughts, do not be too lazy to hang everything on hangers or lay it on the bed, and you will see which image can be further developed. It’s time to photograph the clothes and send them to the photographer for verification if you are not sure whether they have chosen everything correctly. Preparing for a photoshoot the day before leads, as a rule, to the fact that you cannot find anything suitable.

  1. How to dress for a photoshoot. Get ready to go to the store

how to dress for a photoshootIf you are used to dressing stylishly, then you may not have a problem choosing clothes for a photoshoot. However, most people in everyday life prefer comfortable clothes, sometimes sacrificing their way. Therefore, if your goal is to get beautiful photos, be prepared to pay not only the photographer but give some amount of money to buy clothes for the whole family.

  1. How to dress for a photoshoot. An evening dress or jeans with a t-shirt?

how to dress for a photoshootThis already depends solely on your desire and the chosen style of the photoshoot. If this is an individual thematic photo shoot, then you might want to look like a princess so that your husband or groom finally dresses you with a crystal slipper. But if this is a photoshoot from the love story series, “One Day with the Family” or a photo walk, then jeans with a T-shirt will also look great. Indeed, in such photoshoots, the main thing is not clothes, but emotions.

  1. How to dress for a photoshoot. The problem of summer and winter.

how to dress for a photoshootIn the summer in the heat, there is a great temptation to come to the photoshoot in shorts and a T-shirt so that it is not hot. This is also an option, but I would still recommend to be patient and put on more suitable clothes. As a rule, photoshoots do not last long, an hour or a half (in some cases). In hot sunny weather, any photographer will look for places where there is a shadow since the bright sun is not the best option for a photoshoot. If it’s hard for you anyway, you can negotiate with the photographer so that the photoshoot lasts less.

In winter, there is another problem. Nobody wants the nose in the photographs to be red, so everyone is trying to dress warmer, sometimes not thinking about how warm clothes will look in the frame. Believe me, no professional photographer will let you freeze! For example, during a winter photoshoot, I always take short breaks. We can go to the nearest cafe to have a cup of coffee (and, by the way, take a couple of wonderful shots), we can just have some hot tea. I always take a thermos with me, not only for myself but also for clients.

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